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We could tell you about how our clinic changes people's lives, but we think it's best that you hear it directly from our graduates.




Niece's First Birthday

Dear Fear of Flying Clinic,

I just got back from my trip to New York. Both flights were so smooth and amazing. I actually slept on both flights and even got a little bored (can’t remember last time that happened, usually it’s white knuckles and highly alert). [My husband} said I’m getting better every time. I’ve graduated from sobbing on take off to just gripping his arm and a single tear falling. Even the turbulence didn’t get to me, I just kept repeating “turbulence doesn’t hurt the plane, it can withstand so much more, it’s just riding waves.” That hasn’t worked until this flight, so I think just continuing to fly helps make me better each time. Thank you so much for all your support!!! 

I had an amazing trip and got to be there for my niece’s first birthday, which was so special because for years I’ve missed out on family events like weddings and I was finally able to be there. (When I attended the clinic my goal was to be able just to fly on a plane again. In my deepest heart it was to fly to meet my niece within the first year of her life. It just felt impossible. But I did it!) For a decade I never thought I could fly across the country, now I feel like I can fly anywhere!!!! Love to all, wherever you are on this journey. 


     ~ K.P., Fear of Flying Clini Graduate, Spring 2019

Transformative & Enriching

Dear Fear of Flying Clinic,


I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to take the clinic.  Without each and everyone of you volunteering your time and energy the clinic would not exist as it does now. I believe this experience will have a transformative effect on my life in many areas.  Not only have you helped enrich my life, you have also enriched my family's and friends' lives as they are all interconnected.  Thank you!


     ~ J.N., Fear of Flying Clinic Graduate, Spring 2016






400 Trips and Counting!

Dear Fear of Flying Clinic,


No one would likely remember me as it has been almost 18 years since I took the program. Just want to say thank you for all the wonderful years since. I went from being unable to enter an airport to traveling the world. I stopped logging flights after 400 trips and this was years ago. Long flights are now 23 hours to London and 14 hours to LA to visit family. I enjoy the longer flights even more than the shorter ones! I still remember my graduation flight to Spokane; Alaska flight 491 departing 12 noon. My buddy was Cal MacDonald with Northwest. He, Steve Hutchinson, and other staff were all fantastic and a great source of support. I live in Australia now with a beautiful family and a wonderful career. This couldn't have occurred without your assistance. Many thanks and kind regards,


     ~ C.S., Fear of Flying Clinic Graduate, Spring 1997




A Million Thank Yous!

Dear Fear of Flying Clinic,


Thank you for being in existence! For years I've said "if I could just sit on a plane again" it would help me push away at my fear.  Fortunately, I found the Fear of Flying Clinic!  Thank you for each of your presentations, passion, compassion and true commitment to help me/us be successful. I feel like I've been born again! Yesterday after completing my first 'plane ride' in 30 years, a dark shroud has been lifted from my shoulders. I couldn't have done it without attending your clinic. I will shout your praises from the mountain tops!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Like athletes who need to train…I also need to exercise my flight endurance. Today we booked my next plane ride and this time it's a 2 hour jaunt with the hubby.  Then my next trip is in late spring to Wash D.C. for my son's graduation.  My next trip after that will be….who knows where!  I have my WINGS now!!


A million THANK YOUs!!!


     ~ R.L., Fear of Flying Clinic Graduate, Spring 2015





Bonjour!  I Got Engaged --- In Paris!

Dear Fear of Flying Clinic,


I wanted to let everyone know that I survived my trip to France last month! It was a lot of fun (and I got engaged!!). We visited Paris, the Cote D'Azur, Provence and Monaco and I could have never done it without taking the class. I knew the class had worked for me because I actually slept the whole night before the flight! Once on the plane I was about a 5 on the nervousness scale on the way over, but I was seriously a 1 the whole way home and I even fell asleep on the plane! Anytime I started to get scared of one of my many "what if" scenarios I just asked myself "what would Robin say?" and I immediately felt better haha.


Anyway, I think I'm almost a completely fearless flyer now and I'm actually looking forward to flying home to Sacramento from now on instead of driving or taking the train. I attached some pictures of my trip for you. I hope other people will send pics of their travels also. :)


     ~ G.F., Fear of Flying Graduate, Fall 2013

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