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Need A Refresher?

The mission of the Fear of Flying Clinic is to help fearful flyers regain control of their own fear. If you are a graduate of the clinic, there are several ways in which you can refresh your own ability to fly comfortably. You are always welcome to contact the clinic by email or phone with a question. We also encourage you to re-read your manual and listen to your relaxation audio.

If you wish to attend the clinic again, please contact us by phone or email.  Let us know your name, when you attended the clinic and that you'd like to attend again as a refresher course.


Should you feel the need to repeat the clinic, the following policy has become effective as of October 15, 2017, and is dependent upon space available:














*NOTE:  The graduation flight ticket is included in all prices above.

  • ($695)* If you attended the Fear of Flying Clinic over three years ago, the cost of the clinic will be the full price.


  • ($395)* If you attended the Fear of Flying Clinic within the past three years, the cost of the clinic will be discounted. Please bring your manual.


  • ($245)* If you attended the clinic immediately preceding the upcoming program.  Please bring your manual.

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