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Afraid to Fly?   You're not alone!

Afraid to fly? Almost 25 million Americans would prefer not to fly on commercial aircraft. Some people have never flown and don't know what to expect; others have to fly regularly, but are extremely uneasy about the whole process.

Your fear of flying is real and significant. Flying goes against basic, deeply-rooted human instincts, including fear of falling, which is the earliest and most fundamental of all fears.

Even people who are comfortable with the flight itself can be nervous about the airports, ticketing, reservations - the whole confusing operation that supports air travel. Millions of Americans have such strong feelings about flight that they won't fly at all. Millions more are uncomfortable whenever they do fly.

Mission Statement

Through empathy, education, and experience, the Fear of Flying Clinic offers fearful flyers the tools to cope with their phobia and their fear and to fly comfortably. The staff of the Fear of Flying Clinic is committed to this goal and to the individuals who seek the key to comfortable flight.

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